★★★★★ "If you're a true detailer, these are for you. Great all round for cleaning, polish removal etc"

Gary T, Verified Cuastomer

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Quick Buffing Towel

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The versatile Quick Buffing Towel is your go-to for buffing away detailing sprays, wax, polish, and more.

+ Lifts & holds compounds, leaving a spotless finish
+ Perfect 16in x 16in size
+ Lint-free, supple microfiber for delicate surfaces
+ Lasts for over 200+ machine washes

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Closed-loop pearl-weave
70/30 blend


No More Lint! Buff Your Car to Perfection

Easily buff off wax, sprays, and polish

The high-grade microfiber material used in its construction is what sets it apart from other buffing towels on the market.

Its unique closed-loop pearl-weave design is specifically designed to effectively buff away polishes, waxes, and detailing sprays without leaving any lint behind.

Effortlessly achieve a showroom shine with the Quick Buffing Towel.


  • Lint Free

    Unlike others, this towel does not shed lint. It leaves the surface in spotless, showroom condition.

  • Long Lasting

    Designed to withstand hundreds of washings, and it actually gets softer with each wash.

  • Quick Buffing

    Perfect for buffing away waxes, polishes, detailing sprays and even levelling ceramic coatings.

  • Pulls Away Dust

    The unique closed-loop design quickly removes dust and debris, perfect for use with waterless wash sprays.

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