Mink Mitt Microfibre Car Washing Mitt

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The most luxuriously soft wash mitt your car will ever touch.

ULTRA SOFT: Glides smoothly over your paintwork
LONG FIBRES: Safely holds away dust & dirt particles
THICK FOAM LINING: Keeps the mitt constantly lubricated
ELASTIC CUFF: Keeping the mitt firmly in place
+How To Use
With two buckets of fresh water ready, dilute one bucket with car wash detergent. Dunk the mitt in the bucket with detergent, collecting soap and foam into the mitt.

Proceed to gently wash one body panel at a time (starting from the roof downwards).

After washing one body panel, dunk the mitt in the bucket of freshwater, rinsing out and removing any dirt. Inspect the mitt for any remaining dirt.

Place the now clean mitt back into the bucket with detergent, collect more fresh soap into the mitt and continue washing the next body panel.

For highly contaminated areas such as the wheels, use a separate wash mitt to avoid cross-contamination.
Size: 15cm x 28cm (6" x 11")
Density: 800gsm
Weave: Ultra soft split microfibre
Blend: 100% Polyester
Made in Korea
+Care Instructions
Wash before first use to remove any lint and activate fibres. Machine wash at a warm temperature. 

Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. White vinegar is a safe alternative to traditional fabric softener.

Hang dry indoors away from any dust or dirt. Store in a sealed container or bag between each use.

All new Mink Mitt.

Features a thick foam lining and ultra plush weave, designed to safely lubricate and remove dirt particles from sensitive paintwork, wraps and more.

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