★★★★★ "It's like a magnet for water. I just dragged it across my car, and all of the water - even the drops hiding in the contours - were gone"

- Jayqon, Verified Customer

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GT Twist Drying Towel (16" x 24")

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The most absorbent drying towel you will ever use…

Long, twisted fibres that glide frictionlessly over the surface, absorbing more water in a single pass - making the drying process quick and easy.

Ultra-soft microfiber ensures a safe drying process, free from scratches, swirl marks and water streaks.

• Easy to handle 16" x 24" size
• Doesn’t leave streaks or spot marks
• Holds over 4.5lbs of water
• One towel dries an entire car in just minutes
• Made to last for over 200+ washes (or 4+ years)


Size: 16" X 24" (40cm x 60cm)
Density: 500 g/sm
Weave: Twisted Loop Microfiber
Blend: 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
Weight: 0.923 lbs (419 grams)

No more water spots or streak marks 💦

The GT Twist is like a magnet for water

The twisted microfiber sucks water away, leaving behind no streaks and a bone-dry surface

The soft microfiber material glides over your paint like butter

Unlike other towels - which cause micro scratching (leading to hazy paintwork and costly polishing later on)

  • Dry Your Car In Seconds

    Simply glide the GT Twist once over each panel. No more rubbing round and round, karate kid.

  • Super Absorbent

    No more water streak marks. The GT Twist absorbs water deep inside its twisted microfiber strands, leaving the surface bone dry.

  • Soft, Twisted Microfiber

    Reduces friction & minimizes the risk of swirl marks, scratches & hazing. This leaves your paint always looking fresh & polished!

  • Long Lasting

    Designed to last for over 200+ machine washes! Quick maths; that's over 4 years if you wash your car once per week...

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping take?

To be safe, please allow 10-14 working days for worldwide shipping.

Once shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number to stay updated with your delivery.

How do I use the towel?

Starting from the roof downwards, place the towel flat and gently pull by its corners, gliding the towel along the surface without applying any downward pressure.

Fold the towel into one rectangle section and gently glide it over the surface in long, sweeping strokes.

Once one section starts to become saturated, fold the wet section over and refold the towel to the next remaining dry section to continue.

How do I wash the towel after each use?

Machine wash at a warm temperature with non-biodegradable detergent after each use.

Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Optionally, add white vinegar which is a great alternative to fabric softener.

We recommend hanging dry indoors away from any dust or dirt. Machine drying at low temperature is optional. Store in a sealed container or bag between each use.

Can I use it on a vinyl wrapped car?

You sure can - the GT Twist will work on any surface.

Can I use it to dry windows?

100% yes! The GT Twist leaves your windows clear and streak free!

Can I use it to clean my rims/wheels?

The GT Twist is perfect for drying chrome, gloss, satin wheels.


We strongly reccomend buying a seperate towel for drying your wheels, door jambs and other dirty areas.

You never want to contaminate a towel with brake dust and micro particles and then use it on your paintwork! 🙅‍♂️

  • "I was finally able to use my new drying cloth by GT Shine. It is the 1st time a towel of any sort has touched this car. I usually use the blow dryer which can be a hassle to pull out and set up. This is a good alternative. Thank you for a great product!"

  • "Awesome towels - use on my R8 most days - no scratching - super premium material and shipping was also really quick"

  • "Love the towel, Highly recommended everyone get one. Works like a charm. Car looks so clean after using it."

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