★★★★★ "Looks like I waxed my car after I only washed it. The shine is incredible. Rain falls right off rather than leaving spots"

- Matt J, Verified Customer

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Ceramic Boost Shampoo

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Safely remove abrasives and build a protective layer with Ceramic Boost Shampoo

+ Adds a ceramic coating every time you wash your car
+ Creates a thick lather that breaks down and lifts dirt particles 
+ Safe on delicate paint, glass, wheels, & exterior trim


Before Usage:

  • Apply to cool/cold surfaces only.
  • DO NOT apply in direct sunlight.
  • Once applied, DO NOT leave shampoo to sit & dry.
  • Shake the bottle well before using.


  1. Pour 1-2oz of product into a clean bucket. Fill a bucket with a 1:100 water ratio, mixing the shampoo until foamy.
  2. Prepare a second ‘rinsing’ bucket filled with clean water.
  3. Pre-rinse your vehicle with a high-pressure water hose, agitating and removing any dirt, grime or debris that may be stuck to surfaces.
  4. Dunk a clean wash mitt into the first bucket, soaking the mitt with a thick lather of soapy water and foam.
  5. Begin washing your vehicle panel by panel, cleaning the least dry body panel first.
  • After washing one panel, dunk the wash mitt in the second bucket, rinsing & removing any abrasives.
  • Once the wash mitt is visibly clean & free of any abrasives, repeat step 4 for each body panel.

Risk Free Guarantee

Order with confidence - results guaranteed or your money back 

We have great confidence in our products. Enough confidence to offer you a 45-day results guarantee.

If you don’t see results or if you don't love your product, you get your money back.

We're constantly working on our products and we're obsessed about providing you with the best possible experience.

We ask you to:
∼ Use the product at least 4 seperate occasions
∼ Document your process with pictures or videos
∼ Follow our recommended washing and usage guides

How to claim your guarantee:
Email us about your experience along with pictures or videos within 45 days of delivery.

Once your claim is approved, please return the products, and we’ll refund your order (excl. shipping costs).

Shipping & Delivery

Once you place your order, we will begin to pack and dispatch your order within 1 business day.

We pack each order for protection during transit. If your order arrives damaged, please contact us and we will replace it free of charge.

Delivery time will depend on your country, state/region and environmental factors. Please allow 10-14 working days for international delivery.

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8 fl oz/236mL


How much Silicone Dioxide does this shampoo contain?
Our formula contains 15% Silicone Dioxide, making it the most potent in the market.

Is it safe to use on vinyl wrapped or PPF wrapped cars?
It is totally safe to use! Our formula is pH balanced and does not strip or degrade wrapped surfaces.

Will this work with a car that is already ceramic coated?
Ceramic Boost Shampoo will greatly benefit a car that already has traditional ceramic coating. This works to top up any existing coatings, waxes and sealants already applied to your car.

Can it be used in a foam cannon?
It sure can! Just add 1-2oz mixed with water. This will produce a thick, soapy lather.

Extend The Life Of Your Clearcoat

Wash, lubricate & protect

While breaking down & removing dirt particles, Ceramic Boost Shampoo lays down a ceramic-rich film that repels water, dirt, and other grime.


  • Coat & Protect

    Use it on a coated car to revitalize your ceramic coating or on a non-coated car to add water beading properties

  • Bucket, Gun or Cannon

    Wash with a mitt and bucket, a foam gun connected to your garden hose or a foam cannon connected to your pressure washer.

  • Super Concentrated

    A little goes along way! 1-2oz is all it takes to lathers and foam like no other soap, safely lubricating and pulling dirt particles away from the surface.

  • PH Balanced

    Gentle on all exterior parts like paint, clear coat, polished metals, glass, and plastic trim. It's safe on waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings too!

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