GT Twist Drying Towel FAQ

How do I wash the towel after each use?
Machine wash at a warm temperature with non-biodegradable detergent after each use.

Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Optionally, add white vinegar which is a great alternative to fabric softener.

We recommend hanging dry indoors away from any dust or dirt. Machine drying at low temperature is optional. Store in a sealed container or bag between each use.

Can I use it on a vinyl wrapped car?
You sure can - the GT Twist will work on any surface.

Can I use it to dry windows?
100% yes! The GT Twist leaves your windows clear and streak free!

Can I use it to clean my rims/wheels?
The GT Twist is perfect for drying chrome, gloss, satin wheels.


We strongly recommend buying a seperate towel for drying your wheels, door jambs and other dirty areas.

You never want to contaminate a towel with brake dust and micro particles and then use it on your paintwork! 🙅‍♂️

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