About us

One of the most over looked practises when detailing your car is the drying process

It's when your car is at it's most vulnerable to scratches, swirls and streak marks. There's no soap to lubricate and act as a barrier

It's just your car, your towel and water

❌ The problem with regular drying towels:

𝙓 The material of regular drying towels and shammy's tend to be harsh and abrasive

𝙓 They're awkward to handle and not ergonomic, resulting in a sore hand and wrist

𝙓 They capture and drag hard particles, resulting in swirls and scratches in your paintwork or vinyl wrap

𝙓 They take a long time to dry an entire vehicle and slop water around due to their low absorbency

𝙓 They leave dried up streak marks

𝙓 They just suck (pun intended)

✅ The solution:

Our mission was to develop vehicle drying towels that are ergonomic, super absorbent and safe to use on even the most delicate surfaces that are prone to scratching

We teamed up with over 50 specialist luxury car detailers over a 12 month period to research and develop the absolute perfect microfibre drying towels

These towels were developed and tested with clinical grade standards in mind

Our detailing partners have approved our towels worthy of being used on their clients' million dollar cars

We stressed the small stuff so that you don't have to:

✔️ GT Shine drying towels pull water and micro particles deep into their fibres and away from the vehicle's surface; resulting in a scratch, swirl and streak free shine

✔️ Absorbency like no other. One single pass over a wet panel with very little downward pressure is all you need - resulting in less micro scratches and a shorter drying time

✔️ Soft blends of microfibre designed to reduce the risk of abrasion and marring of the surface

✔️ Ergonomic sizing to avoid wrist strain and the risk of the towel becoming contaminated by contacting the ground or wheels

✔️ Butter soft suede edging to reduce the risk of micro scratching

✔️ Removable warning tags to avoid further risk of micro scratching

✔️ Sealed zip lock packaging to avoid particles contaminating the microfibre during shipping/handling

✔️ Education on safe drying techniques to ensure that your car shines and stays that way

As a result of our research and development, we believe that we have created the absolute pinnacle of the high performance drying towel experience.

Dry in peace.