About us

Rather than giving you a boring, corporate style about us page, I want to take you on an honest journey of where GT Shine started and where we're heading.

How we started

GT Shine was initially established in 2019 as a passion project. After trying car care products from multiple brands from different countries, nothing felt 'right'.

There were a lot of snake oil sprays and waxes on the market being touted as 'professional grade'. There were a lot of empty promises being made by trusted brands.

Since that point, I was determined to create the highest grade of car care products.

February 2020: Our first batch of GT Twist Drying Towels being made

First product: the GT Twist Drying Towel

Our first product to launch was the GT Twist Drying Towel.

After testing multiple microfiber fabrics from different factories in different countries, I finally found one factory that produce a twisted microfiber weave to extremely high standards.

Research & development

We ordered samples in multiple sizes and densities. We began sending these samples to renowned auto detailers to test and compare with other brands of towels.

I also began testing the towels on my own car, along with my family and friends. 

Once certain that we had a superior drying towel compared to all others on the market, we had the factory begin production.

Once the towels arrived to us, we started sending them to the general public and a select group of automotive influencers to spread the word.

Since that point, we have recieved thousands of orders and highly regarded feedback.

That drove us to continue further down the path of creating tried, tested and truly superior car care products.

Our goal for the future

Rather than rapidly pushing inferior, untested products to market, we prefer to grow slowly and organically.

We want you, our customers, to love our products and come back again and again.

So, before releasing any product to market, we have every single material tried and tested. We do this by working with 100 professional automotive detailers in the US, UK and Australia.

We lab test products for their performance. We have our 100 automotive detailing partners put our products to the test in their professional detailing garages.

Only when we are truly confident that a product is absolutely superior in design and performance will we release it to the public.

Thank-you from the founder

Thank you to each of our customers for supporting GT Shine from the very start and for supporting us on our journey today.

I'm excited to see GT Shine grow and garner love and appreciation in the automotive community.

Thank you for reading our story. If you are not yet a customer, we welcome you to try our products and join the GT Shine family. I promise we won't disappoint!

Tyler Blake