Our vision

One of the most over looked practises when detailing your car is the drying process

It's when your car is at its most vulnerable to scratches, swirls and streak marks

During the drying process, there's no soap to lubricate and act as a barrier between the surface and these harsh particles

Using just any regular towels and shammies will drag these particles across the surface, causing noticeable swirl marks and scratches

We set out to solve this issue once and for all

With the help of over 50 specialist luxury car detailers, we have been on an endless pursuit to create microfibre drying towels that exceed the highest professional grade standards

GT Shine drying towels are developed and tested with these clinical grade standards in mind

Our high performance vehicle drying towels are ergonomic, super absorbent and safe to use on even the most delicate surfaces - resulting in a perfect shine, every time

Obsessed about shine

We love cars just like you do

Walking away from your car at a car park only to take a double look back and admire its shine is something that we can all relate to

At GT Shine, we understand the pain you feel when you look back at your car, only to see swirl marks in the clear coat

We know the feeling you get when you freshly clean your car only to notice dried up water streaks left over from the inferior towel you've just used

Regular drying towels and shammies suck. They don't just suck, they suck really badly

We're changing the drying game, once and for all

❌ The Issue With Regular Towels & Shammies ❌

𝙓  Regular towels capture and drag hard particles along the surface, resulting in swirls and scratches

𝙓  The material of regular towels and shammy's tend to be harsh and abrasive, resulting in marring (otherwise known as that 'hazed' look on the surface)

𝙓  They slop water around and take a long time to dry a car due to their low absorbency

𝙓  They leave dry water streak marks on a freshly cleaned surface

𝙓  They're awkward to handle and not ergonomic, resulting in sore hands and wrists

𝙓  They just suck, badly

✅ The Solution: GT Shine Drying Towels ✅

✔️ Soft blends of microfibre specifically designed to minimise the risk of damaging even the most delicate surfaces

✔️ Towels that pull water and micro particles deep into the fibres and away from the surface, minimising the risk of particles causing scratches and swirl marks

✔️ One single pass over a wet panel with very little downward pressure is all you need to dry, resulting in a shorter drying time, less abrasion and a lower risk of marring the surface

✔️ Butter soft suede edging designed to further reduce any risk of marring the surface

✔️ Sealed zip lock packaging to avoid particles contaminating the microfibre during shipping/handling

✔️ Education on safe practises to ensure that your car shines and stays that way

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